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CDOT crews required to remove campaign signs from I-25

Wednesday, 11:49 PM

It's hard to ignore elections this November, with campaign signs peppered across every street corner. But, those not following guidelines are causing extra work for city and state employees.

Voters’ Guide: What is Proposition 105?

Wednesday, 8:45 PM

Voters are now sending in their mail-in ballots and one issue that has been getting a lot of attention is Proposition 105.

Feds search for Pueblo couple in Iowa drug, gambling case

Wednesday, 4:21 PM

Federal authorities are searching for a husband and wife accused of running synthetic drug and gambling operations in Cedar Rapids.

RIDE ALONG: Wildlife officers on patrol during hunting season

Wednesday, 4:10 PM

A wildlife officer for Colorado Parks and Wildlife has a lot of duties. One of those duties is making sure hunters are following the rules this hunting season.

Four suspects arrested after Briargate robbery

Wednesday, 3:05 PM

Four people were arrested after a personal robbery in the Briargate area of Colorado Springs early Tuesday morning.